COOPSTAND’s selection is based on four keywords – creative, organic, object, and present. The shop features items that draw on traditional handicrafts and materials while conveying a new sense of beauty; as well as products that have been tailored to modern life and take advantage of technology and materials. The expansive lineup ranges from tableware to fashion, household goods and greenery.

Carefully made items are sourced from around Japan and include everyday tableware from the folk pottery kiln Shussaigama in Izumo; eyewear from Kearny, a brand that combines the skill of Sabae's spectacle makers with Japanese celluloid material; reliable and beautifully simple sneakers from Moonstar in Kurume; soft and highly absorbent towels from Kontex; and a popular new style of terrarium from [10¹²] Terra that captures the charms of life by displaying plants in their entirety – right down to the roots.

In addition to this lineup of items, the shop also hosts regular pop-up events that delve into various brands and regions of Japan.


    Our Ginza store closed up 27th January. Thank you so much for everyone who visiting our Ginza store three years!
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